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Straight Curve are providing a one-day Camera Skills workshop for any new filmmakers wanting to learn all the basics when shooting your film on location.

This workshop is 80-85% practical. You will be taught the theory behind the following topics and then put that theory into practice.

  • How to operate a DV Cam
    It is important to understand the basic operations on a camera. To understand what settings to set and what not to overlook
  • How to approach a scene
    When you approach a scene you need to know what to take into consideration to get the most out of a scene
  • Iris and Aperture
    Knowing what and how the Iris and Aperture works will help you understand how to shoot a scene to a desirable effect
  • Shutter Speed
    Understanding how the shutter speed works in relation to the Iris and Aperture will also give you confidence to get the most out of you shoot
  • White Balance
    All too often, new filmmakers shoot a scene without white balancing correctly. Here we explore why it is a must and how you might be able to manipulate the white balance to your advantage
  • Shot Sizes
    Not only what different shot sizes are but also how the varied range of shot sizes help raise the value of your production
  • Sound to your Camera
    The most important subject to understand is how sound feeds into your camera either via a sound mixer or without. A complete project with bad sound is like buying an expensive car without an engine. Understanding how sound feeds into the camera will greatly add value to your end production

Thoughout the day you will be divided into groups and go out with a camera to shoot various different scenarios.

At the end of the day you will have enough information and experience to start shooting with confidence! You will also receive a DVD copy of all of the exerciess you have undertaken to use as an excellent reference.

For more information or to book a place on the course please call 0845 021 4000

This is also available on a one to one booking.