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>> Basic Camera Skills

For any new filmmaker it is important to understand the following before you are ready to shoot; DV Cam Operations, How to approach a scene, Iris/Aperture, Shutter speed, White Balance, Shot Sizes and most importantly feeding sound through your camera, with or without a mixer.

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>> Sound Recording

On this one-day location sound recording workshop, you will learn the fundamentals of recording sound on location using various types of mics in different scenarios.

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>> One-day Film School

On this filmmaking workshop you will find out what it takes to shoot a scene working with lights, camera,sound and FCP. 100% PRACTICAL.

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>> Lighting for Camera

Learn fundamental lighting for camera in a working film studio as well as working with green screen lighting. Learn how to light for dramatic and realistic effect.

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>> Script Writing Level 1

Our one-day foundation scriptwriting course with Frank Graves will show you all you need to know to start writing or to improve on your first script.

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>> Scriptwrite

By studying how movies are writen and put together, we come to understand how movies work as craft and as artistic endevour. You will learn how the Scriptwrite process serves as a vital tool, both as a practical aid and route-map for creative story development, and as a support for assessment and redaction.

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>> Special Effects Make Up for Film and TV

Casualty style SFX Make up for Film and TV in this gory special effects workshop.

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>> Final Cut Pro Editing (The basics)

Training available on a one to one basis only. From starting a project to exporting a project.

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