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Straight Curve's BIG one-day event for all new Filmmakers  (Held on Saturday 24th May)
All day entry £10 and Workshops (WS) £2

Office is closed after 17:30 however we are still able to put your name on the list should you call our mobile on 07792 097 325.

Our second "One Day Event" for New Filmmakers is here again.
After our first sucessfull One Day Event in March 2007 we have recieved a lot of feedback from you. You have told us what is good and you have told us what we could improve on. And we have listened to your every word.

It is being held in the Bromley Central Library, click Map for details. Only about 15 min from London Victoria to Bromley South or Bromley North on Saturday 24th May. Book your place now 0845 021 4000


The line up at the moment is as follows:

See below and behold!

Charlie Belleville Dir of "Inheritance" (2007)
Charlie Belleville has won awards for his feature Inheritance which was made for a micro buget of around £5000. He will talk to you about the highs and lows of making feature films and describe what the journey was like from pre-production to post-production.

J.C. Feature Film Producer
J.C will be discussing and demonstrating marketing your film. He will take you through the best way to plan your market campaign as it is very important to the success of you film

Johannes Roberts: Director of "When Evil Calls"
Writer and director Johannes Roberts is back BIGGER and BETTER than ever. After last years brilliant talk on how he conquered or not conquered the film industry he will present a talk you will never forget. A MUST SEE.

Johannes Roberts is engaging, knowledgeble and very, very entertaining. He speaks with such passion and is the perfect person to inspire our new filmmakers. Johannes is quickly climbing up the steps of the film industry and all new filmmakers should keep an eye on him.

Ben Blaine: Co-Writer and Co-Director of "Russell Square"
Ben Blaine will be discussing his short film "Russell Square" and the journey it took to the BAFTAS and the journey back. He will also talk about "Hallo Panda" and how it got aired on Channel 4.

This is a great opportunity to ask a very experienced filmmaker any questions you might have about progressing up the film industry ladder.

Brad Ashton: Comedy Writer (Workshop)
Brad Ashton is a comedy writer for a reason. That reason was shown when he delivered his talk on comedy writing on our one day event in March 2007. He has some really funny stories to tell and gives examples of how to use your own stories and turn them into workable material.

His one hour workshop will give you a taster of how to write comedy sketches Fee: £2. You will also get the chance to buy his book "The funny thing about comedy" which he will sell on the day.

Cicely Connelly: Make-Up Artist for Film, Television and Theatre (Workshop)
Cicerly will be giving a demonstration on how to age a characher using hair and make-up. She has worked in all areas of make-up including Casualty and Eastenders. Fee: £2

Matt Loudon: Director of Orange BAFTA 60 Seconds of Fame 2008 "My Darling Wife"
Matt Loudon together with DoP and Editor Jon Abraham (Straight Curve Tutor) will take you on a journey from how "My Darling Wife" was made from an idea to going to the BAFTA's. Here you will have an opportunity to ask questions about what it takes to get to the BAFTA's.

Jules Dawton: A demonstration of sound recording equipment (Workshop)
Jules Dawton will go through the equipment necessary for you to record good quality sound for your short movie as well as some hints and tips about good recording techniques. Fee £2

Chris Knowles: Script writer (Workshop)
Chris Knowles will present his idea on what exactly an "ACT" is. He will clear up any uncertainties you might have understanding what an ACT is and what it's relation is to a 3, 4 or more act structure. Fee £2

Chris Knowles: Script writer (Workshop)
Chris Knowles will talk about his "Script Spine/Script Rite". He will show you what he considers to be the best way to prepare and to write your script. Script Spine/Script Rite will give you more controll over the structure of your script as well as making your characters more believable. Fee £2

Towergate Insurance:
Unfortunatley Towergate Insurance are unable to attend and we are working on a replacement.

(Broadcast Hire) FilmScape Media
To buy, or not to buy your own equipment. Many a time new filmmakers are prevented from making their own short due to lack of equipment. A broadcast hire company will talk about what the benifits of hiring film equipment rather than buying film equipment. They will talk about what is available to hire including cameras, lighting and grip.

Networking Event
We will hold a networking event after the one day event at El Patio in Bromley opposite Bromley South Train Station where all new filmmakers can bring their business card, ideas, synopsis, treatments, scripts and talent. This is open to all, FREE.

Most of our guest speakers also attended the networking event and were happy to chat over a drink or two.

Grand Raffle
We will also be holding a raffle where all proceeds will go directly to our fundraising. The prize is a one to one in either foundation one day film school, camera techniques, scriptwriting, lighting or editing FCP

It will be a great day and we know you will enjoy it. If you have not signed up for our newsletter do so now to receive futher information.

We reserve the right to change, alter or add to the list of speakers at any given time. As our speakers have kindly given up their free time to attend the BIG one day film event, sometimes there are other appointments that take precedent. We can also not be responsible for any last minute emergencies that occur to our speakers. We will make every effort to find replacement speakers and am sure you will enjoy the day as there will be plenty going on.